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On the quality treatment of nuts

2020-11-20 09:36:52

At present, the further optimization of product structure is an important strategic transfer for fastener enterprises. The low carbon steel hexagon nut is gradually transformed into A194 which mainly produces medium carbon steel For this reason, the quality of nuts has higher requirements for the production process and preparation of nuts. In the face of such structural adjustment, it is necessary to formulate quality control scheme and inspection specification from the following aspects.

First, preparation before delivery;

The second is the sampling inspection in the output;

Third, the final inspection after delivery.

First of all, the preparation before production includes: relevant personnel, equipment status, mold equipment, production process, raw materials and so on.

However, the first item involves three aspects: A, mold preparation; B, inspection method; C, production process control, resulting in higher requirements for these parts.

First look at the mold preparation: from the order to the mold planning and then to the production, we need to improve the mold equipment. We can think that the front production supply is satisfied with the preparation, and the production will not be delayed because of the mold. This needs to prepare enough inventory to ensure that this cycle is generally about 20-25 days.

Secondly, inspection methods: in this link, we should pay attention to the detection of tools and methods. The most basic testing tools we know include vernier caliper, micrometer, thread gauge, Rockwell hardness machine, tensile testing machine, etc. most enterprises have always used the on-site circular inspection and sampling method.

Finally, it is the control of the output process: including appearance, method specification, thread stop, mechanical properties. In order to ensure the use of nuts, we first control the first three items, and the appearance can be finished by visual inspection. In order to control the accuracy of the internal thread, it is necessary to do a good job of the inner diameter lubrication plug gauge, the inspector and the operator each set, which can easily check out the standard nut; other rely on the manufacturing accuracy of the forming mold and the debugging of each sequence pressure in the production to ensure; and the mechanical performance requirements depend on the raw materials and heat treatment to complete. But we often neglect the most important factor - the cultivation of the nature of workers.

Everyone is a single person and has his own characteristics and habits. The essential training includes: the principle of handling things, the production environment of goods, the ideological education of operators, the technical proficiency of operators and the personal cultivation of staff, etc. For example, our hexagon nuts are the same. Six corners have six edges, and each edge is an important element.

Let our fastener enterprises not only produce high-quality hexagon nuts, but also cultivate a group of talents. This is the vitality of fastener enterprises, and it is also the place of quality improvement.



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