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Stainless steel screw enterprises should fight a good brand war

2020-11-20 09:34:54

The growth trend of the stainless steel screw industry has become more and more obvious, and stainless steel screwdriver companies have raised the banner of brand upgrade. This phenomenon is a good thing and an important manifestation of the industry's high degree of sublimation. But for stainless steel screwdriver companies, what exactly is the brand? Is the brand just a proud propaganda image, or a good store image, or a beautiful logo, or a beautiful print advertisement? ...

    The stainless steel screw industry has received more and more attention in the past two years, especially since 2009 has been expanding domestic demand, and the demand for stainless steel screws has continued to grow. More and more companies are beginning to seek a path suitable for their own business development. Chinese stainless steel screw companies have begun to recognize the brand strategy and believe that the brand is the only way to develop.

    In China, in the stainless steel screw industry, there are countless large and small manufacturers, and the level of enterprise development is uneven. So, how should companies lay out their own "frontline" (specialty store) and "rear" (production workshop) to open up development space of their own size?

    The esoteric brand theory courses seem to be a little esoteric for traditional industries. Many companies don’t have to think hard about the theory, but every stainless steel screwdriver owner must have a comprehensive understanding of the brand in the overall situation. Making one's own company bigger and stronger is certainly the wish of every company boss, but how to make the company bigger and stronger is a question with no fixed answer, and everyone has different opinions. In fact, for companies, if they want to be invincible in the competition, they must take the road of branding. Top Ten Selections of HC Fasteners

    To put it simply, a brand is like a long-distance highway, a long engineering project, and must be layered in sections, and the layout of each section must form an independent and complete road under the conditions of the master plan. And stainless steel screwdriver companies should build a brand just like building a highway. They should design a blueprint according to the budget before construction. How long should it be repaired? What is the weight? How many lanes is it? ……Then it is the calculation of materials, and finally the construction. HC Fasteners Top Ten Selection is for these small and medium-sized brands, and is committed to providing decent online content, so that these brands can have a certain reputation in the industry, so that they can re-development on the brand road. This makes a large number of stainless steel screw industries only have a few small brands, and lack of large brands with international reputation.

    The brand is the unified symbol of the stainless steel screwdriver enterprise, which brings a premium to the owner and generates an intangible asset of value-added. The source of value-added comes from the impression of its carrier formed in the mind of consumers. The true meaning of building a brand lies not only in the brand, but also in consumers’ understanding of a company and its products. It is the result of consumers’ excellent product quality, perfect after-sales service, good product image, good cultural value, and good management results┉ This kind of evaluation and cognition is a kind of trust between business operators and managers who have expanded the huge manpower, material resources and even the long-term hard work of several generations to establish with consumers.

    The establishment of a brand must have time accumulation, meaningful quality, good quality control, and a good marketing of stainless steel screws. From production focus to marketing focus, for most companies, production and sales are equally important and indispensable. But at present, only good production guarantee is far from enough to support the reasonable development of stainless steel screwdriver companies. Enterprises should focus on marketing. Marketing is the driving force for enterprise development. Without a good marketing strategy, the development of stainless steel screw enterprises cannot be driven. This is an era when channel strategy innovation takes the lead. Stainless steel screw stores are the mainstay of marketing management. However, the lack of channel integration and dislocation of channel focus of many companies have become the main problems of their marketing, resulting in insufficient driving force of market terminals, brand promotion and marketing system construction will be affected.

    Now that the brand project has been sublimated from "point" competition to "face" contest, amidst the voice of "talent shortage", the stainless steel screw bosses obviously feel that it is too difficult to fully integrate the brand. So how to build a brand? Let’s start with the following changes:

    1. Change the personality cult thinking of brand construction. The so-called cult of personality is that brand construction is not market-oriented, not institutionalized, and is always subjectively oriented by the boss. Customer-oriented, this has become the common strategy of today's brand competition. However, at present, many stainless steel screwdriver companies are guided by the general manager or boss's own preferences in the process of brand decision-making. As a result, products are introduced to the market and customers do not buy "accounts", which seriously affects the long-term development of the brand. When the industry develops to this day, companies must recognize the form. Once "slapped the head" can only become the past, and system planning is the beginning of the brand. No matter how brilliant it has been, now we must face it from scratch, we must sit down and think carefully about how the past has come over, and where should we go in the future? Facing the industry right, where is my brand foundation? Where is the continuous competition?

    2. Change the brand positioning to a large and comprehensive model. Brand positioning is also called brand occupancy. It must be targeted and use a specific brand image to attract specific target groups instead of casting a net. Many domestic stainless steel screwdriver companies are reluctant to sacrifice their brand positioning, believing that the bigger the target market, the more successful they should be; in actual operations, the target market is clear, what customers think, and there is a lack of market comparison and analysis. , Which directly led to the difficulty of forming and exerting its due competitiveness in the brand of stainless steel screws.

    3. Change the hollowness of brand structure. The so-called hollowness means that the brand structure lacks brand cultural connotation. Brand culture refers to the impression of the brand in the minds of target consumers. It is a kind of product that goes beyond the product itself but can differentiate the product from the result. It can become a strong support point for consumers to complete their purchase behavior. As a result, most of the stainless steel screwdriver companies still remain in the operation of brand awareness indicators, ignoring the indispensable deep connotation in brand image building. In terms of price and quality of craftsmanship, it is easier to express than connotation, so there are even concepts that express cultural elements, but they cannot be fully expressed in actual operation or manifestation.

    4. Change the subjective concept of brand publicity. Every successful brand has outstanding performance in publicity. The publicity of well-known domestic brands uses heuristics to simplify the most complex issues and make people remember them more fresh, so as to win the preference of consumers. They always have a target in the promotion and monitoring of the media. The existing brand promotion of stainless steel screwdrivers emphasizes the use of educational guidance, and there should be no wishful thinking of slogans or slogans flying all over the sky, and advertising for advertising.

    Both economic principles and practice tell us that consumers ultimately need products with excellent quality, reasonable prices, and emotional comfort. If you want to survive the industry reshuffle, you must "comply both internally and externally." Internally, you must promote the company's own "internal strength", and products are the fundamental guarantee for everything; externally, you must do a good job in "packaging" and promotion, and expand more marketing channels. The clear establishment of the product's own brand will help the smooth development of marketing work, help quickly increase market share, help cultivate more loyal customers, and comprehensively plan from multiple aspects to make your brand stand out and gain a place in the market. .

    The voting stage of the top ten selection of HC Fasteners has been launched. The top ten selection of Fasteners is one of the BM free promotion platforms created by HC.com. In order to build its own foundation for the upcoming HC online B2B trading platform, the HC Top Ten Selection is now being built as an online platform for small and medium-sized enterprises to promote, which can be called an online exhibition and let your customers remember Live your brand and print your products in the minds of customers!



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