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Why is it said that the life of the six piece combined die is longer and more durable than that of the hexagonal (hexagonal) mold

2020-11-20 09:29:52

In the production of hexagon flange bolt, the hexagon (hexagonal) die will be used in the head forming, but the life of the conventional hexagon die is not very ideal in the use process,

In particular, large-scale products, such as: M16 products, hexagonal cracking, often change the mold, production is not ideal, efficiency is not high. Now, a mature product of Mingrui mould:

Tungsten carbide six piece combination mold! Can help you to solve such problems, improve the mold life, reduce production costs!

Its advantages are as follows:

1、 The hexagonal mold core is divided into blocks, and the acute angle of the mold kernel is divided into blocks, so the stress is naturally concentrated and resolved, which can prevent the mold from cracking. (the cracks in the initial stage of the traditional hexagonal die will not occur at all.)

2、 After the separation, the shape of the mold is simple and easy to process. For the final plane processing, it is better than the traditional mold and easier to achieve precision.

3、 Due to the defects of cracking, plane damage and damage after EDM and WEDM, the problems of poor plane processing and short die life are easily solved by using hexagonal separation.

4、 Because the air hole of the die is assembled with six pieces and protected by the central sleeve, the expansion effect is formed. Therefore, the die of the six piece combined die is not easy to be damaged and the service life of the die can be prolonged.

5、 The purpose of the six piece combined die is to eliminate the stress concentration and prolong the service life of the die by 5-10 times than that of the conventional die.

6、 From separate mold core manufacturing to mold assembly, pressing into the center sleeve, the above process progress takes a long time, and the processing cost is high. However, the important factors of the traditional mold easy to cause damage have been solved in the design of the six piece separate die one by one, so that users can rest assured to use. Hope to help you!

Suppliers need precision mold accessories, screw mold accessories, nut forming machine, stamping mold, screw mold, nut mold, mold standard parts, screw mold accessories, safety and non-standard mold, mold punch manufacturers, screw mold accessories, precision punch products, tungsten steel punch. The high speed steel and tungsten steel used in Shengda Hardware are made of raw materials imported from Japan. The materials of Precision Mould accessories are skh51skh53skh55skh59asp23asp30asp60, etc. From 3.2 to 20 * 400, a certain amount of heat-treated to semi-finished products are prepared every 1 mm. During the processing of precision mold parts, Taiwan's production process is adopted, and Taiwan's (Dabao) vacuum treatment process is used, as well as precise processing equipment and strong technical force as well as stable and high-quality staff. The mechanical properties, internal organizational structure and service life of the products are good Good stability.



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