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What should I pay attention to for high-strength trimming die?

2020-11-19 19:16:00

EDM (also known as EDM Generative Machining) is a major development of EDM technology, which is a new technology that replaces the traditional forming electrode for machining mold cavities. Just like CNC milling, spark grinding uses high-speed rotating rod-shaped electrodes to process two-dimensional or three-dimensional contours of the workpiece. The high-strength trimming die needs to pay attention to the need to manufacture complex and expensive forming electrodes. The EDSCAN8E spark launched by Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan created a processing machine tool, equipped with an electrode loss automatic compensation system, a CAD/CAM integrated system, an online automatic measurement system and a dynamic simulation system, which reflects the current level of EDM processing machine tools. Slow wire cutting technology The level of development of CNC wire breaking technology is quite high, the functions are quite complete, and the degree of automation has reached the level of monitoring unmanned driving. The maximum cutting speed has reached 300mm2/min, the processing accuracy has reached ±1.5μm, and the processing surface roughness has reached Ra0.1?0.2μm. The development of the thin wire cutting technology with a diameter of 0.03-0.1 mm can realize the one-time cutting of the concave-convex pattern, and can cut the narrow grooves of 0.04 mm and the rounded corners within the radius of 0.02 mm. The tapered cutting technology can already be used for precision machining with slopes above 30°. Because of the characteristics of high precision, good surface quality, and low surface roughness, the grinding and polishing processing technology of grinding and lapping processing technology has been widely used in precision mold processing. In the manufacture of precision molds, advanced equipment and technologies such as CNC forming grinders, CNC optical curve grinders, NC continuous track coordinate grinders, and automatic grinders have been widely used. Measuring the complexity of the product structure through numerical control will inevitably lead to the complexity of the shape of the mold parts. Traditional geometric inspection methods can no longer adapt to mold production. In the manufacture of current molds, three-coordinate numerical control measuring instruments have been widely used to measure the geometric quantities of mold parts, and the detection methods of mold processing have also made great progress. In addition to measuring the data of complex curved surfaces with high precision, the three-coordinate numerical control measuring instrument also conducts automatic inspection on the scene through its good temperature compensation device, reliable anti-vibration protection ability, strict dust removal measures and simple operation steps? Making the measurement possible. The application of advanced mold manufacturing technology makes the mold quality of traditional mold making technology dependent on human factors, changing the situation that is difficult to control. The quality of the mold depends on physical and chemical factors, the overall level is easy to control, and the reproducibility of the mold is strong.



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