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Nut punch die processing method and material selection

2020-11-19 19:14:39

There is a lack of equipment operators, and some of the few equipments show the loss of operators, making the equipment unable to promote and influence. Mold users have doubts about using domestic molds, which also increases the difficulty of implementing domestic molds. Although the difficulty is still great, at this moment, the result has started. The increasingly fierce market cooperation in Hunan nut punch canmaking industry is also prompting companies that use relevant molds to pursue ways to reduce production costs. As long as the development of domestic molds is on the market, the ability to replace imported molds will bring new opportunities for mold-consuming companies to reduce production costs. The market economy prospects of Jiangsu nut punching rods such domestic molds are clear and broad, but it is definitely necessary for domestic major mold manufacturing companies to respond to their expenditures. In addition, in terms of domestically-made high-performance mold materials and the degree of manufacturing of high-precision grinder tools, Jiangxi nut punching bars are inevitable differences from the advanced predecessors of the world, which increases the difficulty of developing high-precision molds. The performance goals and quality goals of domestically produced materials have problems such as insufficient invariability, and these companies also need to reach a higher product quality standard and a higher degree of quality management as soon as possible. Let us cooperate with the promotion of domestic molds to reach the advanced level of the world as soon as possible.

The easy pull-ring lid is a twisted body and is completely symmetrical. The material is PE, which has good mobility and self-smoothness. The large circle diameter of the plastic part is Φ 31.6mm, the height is 17mm, the outer wall of the upper end has a rib of M28mmX 5mm, the middle is a easy-pull ring with a thickness of 1.5mm, the wall thickness of the thin part is 0.12mm, and the inner wall of the lower end has a ring width of 0.8 mm, a barb with a height of 1.5mm. The overall wall thickness of the plastic parts is average, and the uniform wall thickness is 1mm. Plastic parts are required to be smooth and non-marking. The annual production volume is 200,000 pieces, and the unfilled corners are R0.5mm. It is difficult to manufacture ordinary easy-opening injection molds and requires multiple manufacturing processes to complete.



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