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The production of blister screw packs and the types of screws

2020-11-19 19:09:52

Blister screws are commonly used in R-type rivets, fan rivets, blind rivets (driving rivets), tree rivets, round heads, flat heads, semi-tubular rivets, solid rivets, countersunk rivets, blind rivets, hollow rivets , These usually use their own deformation to connect the riveted parts. Generally, cold riveting is used for those smaller than 8 mm, and hot riveting is used for larger than this size. But there are exceptions. For example, the nameplate on some locks is riveted by the interference between the rivet and the lock body hole. Blister screw packs are also called expansion rivets, which are composed of plastic nails and female buckles. There is no need to use the device when installing. The blister screw pack places the device base in a smooth hole, and then presses down on the head. The specially designed feet expand and expand after being stressed, and are tightly locked on the surface of the device. It is often used to connect plastic shells, light plates, insulating materials, circuit boards, or any other frivolous and light materials. It is beautiful, useful and easy to use. Electric fan rivets are specially designed for technical installations. They can be pulled in through holes in the panel or underframe. The use of elastomer materials has outstanding durability and can be installed quickly even in interference devices. The design is wonderful and has flexible functions. The corresponding aperture is not easy to slide out after being pulled in. The main application of the blister screw pack is to fix the fan, heat sink and chip of the electronic computer case. It has anti-vibration and noise reduction. The length of the blister screw pack is a new type of riveting fastener that is convenient for riveting. The core rivet can show its own common advantages in a relatively small space or in an environment where the riveting gun may not be used. Using a hammer or other objects to hit the mandrel on one side can successfully rive two or several connected parts. Blister screw packs can be divided into oblong head core rivets and countersunk head core rivets according to the shape of the cap brim. According to the combination of raw materials, they can be divided into all aluminum core rivets, aluminum steel core rivets, and all stainless steel Core rivets, steel core rivets, aluminum stainless steel core rivets, plastic core rivets, etc. Blister screw packs do not need to be riveted with manual riveting guns or pneumatic riveting guns like blind rivets. It has better riveting performance and convenience, and can be widely used for riveting various connected parts.



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