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Foshan jialirong Hardware Products Co., Ltd

Committed to professional research and development, production and sales of all kinds of nut mold, multi position screw mold, stainless steel screw mold, special-shaped products. To establish the national industrial brand and strive to open up and innovate!

Our company adopts advanced ERP management system, adopts high-quality imported raw materials, and also provides the most basic quality assurance for the products; the workshop production equipment is domestic famous precision processing equipment, and the detection equipment includes raw material spectrum analyzer, Rockwell hardness tester, Taiwan Sanfeng quadratic projection tester, Taiwan Sanfeng inner hole inspection gauge, volume needle gauge, etc Production, processing and product delivery are strictly controlled. Screw mould has a good reputation and service all over China, and is exported to Europe and Southeast Asia

Jialirong company to provide customers with one-stop procurement convenient service, the main business items are: strong beam die, deceleration diameter die, flower tooth die, triangle die, stainless steel main die, all kinds of die, thimble, punch rod, drill tail die, trimming die, wire roller, various punch, self tapping die, machine thread die!

Our company is committed to continuous learning, training talents, improving R & D ability and product quality, and constantly enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises. With the concept of fair price, stable quality and win-win, we will carry out long-term and extensive cooperation with customers and partners.

Contact information:

Contact person: Miss Dai

Contact number / wechat:15338411108

Email: JP.NH @163.COM

Address: No.5, D1 District, Masha Industrial Avenue, Jinsha Donglian, Danzao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City

Tel: 0757-85906242 Fax: 0757-86614463


Contact person: Miss Dai

Tel: 15338411108

Email: JP.NH @163.COM

website: www.fsjlr.com

Add: No.5, D1 District, Masha Industrial Avenue, Jinsha Donglian, Danzao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City